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Starting as a links page on Geocities, this website group of Investigators, reporters and Journalists have spent countless hours scouring the internet to deliver the BEST collection of links ever assembled on one Page.... Please read on for more.. Or visit one of our informative videos below...

Contrary to popular belief, There are not all that many Al Qaeda terrorists around the world. There are however Hundreds of Thousands of US + Israeli terrorists in suits willing to harm Westerners and evoke an islamaphobia like never seen before. These terrorists operate out of the CFR, out of the Tavistock institute, out of Tel Aviv and of course number many in the ranks of the CIA, FBI and of course biggest terrorist group of them all: the israeli Mossad. * (Whose motto is By Deception we wage war).

We have a primary ambition of setting the record straight about the REAL TERRORISTS who are killing people around the world.

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  • We aspire to deliver the REAL news

    We don't just report on the news that is breaking. WE VERIFY IT. In this day and age of dis-info agents everywhere, we are working tirelessly to ensure all the information we deliver is accurate .
  • 9-11 Nuclear Demolitions

    Written article by: Dimitri Khalezov. Details the use of nuclear Demolition devices to destroy the twin towers into dust.. Read more..

  • Independence Day and Sept 11

    The Co-incidences of a scripted event. Predictive programming at it's finest with the movie iD-4 and the real life event of Sept. 11 Written by Phillip Jonkers and posted at SouthEastAsiaNews.org

  • Global Animal MASS Die-offs

    There is more to the story than a simple magnetic shift in the earths electrical currents, what we are witnessing is a poisoning on a massive scale of our fauna and flora of planet earth. Read More.....